Real Earn Pak - REPAK
Mission, Vision & Values

Our unique vision, mission and values capture the essence of who we are and how we interact with one another. In addition, it speaks to how we go to market and our commitment to delivering excellence to our clients, and the community.

Corporate Mission
Our mission at REPAK is to help our clients gain lasting competitive advantage through innovation, change and operational excellence. To realize our mission, we have built a firm that challenges the best, attracts and retains talent by a flexible and open-minded environment and seeks people who take initiative and want to have impact.

Company growth requires an intensified focus on delivery, quality, development and projects. After more than 2 years of experience in Consultancy/IT business, our services are perfected and matured: We deliver results at the highest standards and are internationally recognized within the industry.

Corporate Vision
Our vision is straight and to the point. We want to be leading in setting the industry standards in consulting. To be the most trusted and respected professional services firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.
To align our people with the mission and vision of REPAK, we emphasize three key values:
• Strive for Performance
We enjoy challenges and are aimed at finding innovative viable solutions. In doing so, the clients’ interest is always our first priority.
• Deliver and Keep Our Promises
It is not only about deadlines, but also about quality. Our company is able to provide both and can be relied upon to get things done in an efficient and pragmatic way. We want to have lasting and measurable impact within time, budget and scope at our client assignments.
• Care about People
We enjoy competition and perform as a non-hierarchical team. Thus, the necessity of strong and lasting relationships with our clients and colleagues is indispensable.

Integrity | We do the right thing regardless of the consequences.
Pursuit of Excellence | We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients.
Accountability | We take responsibility for individual and collective actions.
Collaboration | We work together to achieve collective and individual goals.
Passion | Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.

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